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Glacier (& Lago) Grey

After contending with rain and wind on two hikes in Torres del Paine park, we decided to try  something different on the third day and set out for Lago Grey to kayak around the Glacier.  The weather foiled our plans yet again, though, and the company wasn’t allowing any kayak trips to leave.  We settled for a boat excursion so that we’d have the opportunity to see the glacier up close.  It was incredible. To spare all involved the pain of additional meaningless adjectives (thank you, legal training), a photo post:

Encountered en route to Lago Grey

Encountered en route to Lago Grey

Temperature = low.  Enthusiasm = high.

Temperature = low. Enthusiasm = high.


"Iceberg, right ahead!"

“Iceberg, right ahead!”

Glacier Grey

Glacier Grey



Glacier Grey Glacier Grey

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