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Month Two Roundup

We spent our two-month travel anniversary wandering around Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

A look back on our first two months of frolic-and-detouring:


Countries visited: 3
Beds slept in: 18
Long-distance bus rides: 9
Rental cars: 3
Flights: 7
Empanadas consumed: countless
Miles traveled (approx): 9,142 [last month] + 3,494 [this month] = 12,636
Favorite hotel/hostel: Sort of cheating, but our apartment in Buenos Aires was the perfect refuge for a long stay. Favorite conventional hotel would be Hostal Los Tangueros in Iguazu.
Significant mishaps: The loss of Brian’s beloved sunglasses, unwittingly sacrificed in a rushed packing session in Buenos Aires. ¬†Otherwise, so far so good.

Tribute to the lost sunglasses

Tribute to the lost sunglasses

One thought on “Month Two Roundup

  1. Cathy

    Should be some new sexier, Brazilian style sunglasses on the horizon! Did you travel over to Brazil from Iguazu or head to Paraguay?

    Aunt Cathy

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