Frolic & Detour

Five Month Roundup


A small person latched on to me and insisted on traveling with us

We celebrated our fifth month of frolic-and-detouring in Egirdir, Turkey, in the Lakes District.

Incidentally, I had a an administrative law professor who was this stout dude from Boston–he looked like he was a college fullback–who was the first person to teach me about the legal concept of frolic and detour.  As an introduction, he would demonstrate how he pictured the term “frolic and detour” coming to life– he would skip around the front of the lecture hall while flapping his arms like a bird.  So, if you wanted a mental image of what it means to “frolic and detour”, I hope that helps.  For a real definition, see here.

Anyway back to the roundup.  This roundup is a bit complicated because Rachel took a quick trip home while I stayed in Colombia.  She visited family and traveled with her brother, sister in law, and niece to meet up with me in Turkey.  To simplify things, the following tracks my movements and ignores, for practical reasons, Rachel’s side trip.

  • Countries visited: 2 (Technically, it must be said, I visited 3 counties, but Rachel refuses to recognize airport layovers… even though they stamped my passport!)
  • Beds slept in: 8
  • Long distance bus rides: 1
  • Rental cars: 1
  • Flights: 4
  • Favorite hotel (splurge): Apartment in Istanbul (shared with our wonderful traveling companions Dylan, Surabhi and Safina).
  • Favorite hotel (normal): Charly’s Pension (no, that’s not a typo) in Egirdir, Turkey.
  • Miles traveled: 7,889 (this includes my flight from Bogota to Madrid… so the number is a bit inflated).


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