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Six Month Roundup

Tattoos in London

Tattoos in London

It’s time for the six month roundup, which is a little bonkers.  The last half-year has flown by, and according to our imprecise plans, this means we’ve made it about half way through this adventure (Henry is calling us home).

During the last month we made a brief stop in London to visit Gina (more on London activities will be detailed in the London post… forthcoming).  The picture above shows our new family (fake!) tattoo, which we picked up at a Sunday street food fair.  We also traveled for a few days with DJ but, since we didn’t get tattoos with DJ, a picture with Gina won out.

Serious talk now.

  • Countries visited: 3
  • Beds slept in: 11
  • Long distance bus rides: 2
  • Cars rented: 1 (the yellow submarine / bananamobile / Woodstock / Tweety–we never did settle on a name but it was tiny and bright yellow–for 20 days in Crete)
  • Flights: 3
  • Favorite hotel (splurge): Aetovigla Guest House in Crete (our villa in Crete!)
  • Favorite hotel (normal): Boomerang, in Selcuk, Turkey
  • Favorite place overall: Gina’s apartment
  • Miles traveled: 4,481.  As always, this is an inexact science.  Traveling by car in Crete has made it even more so.  Every day we seek out a new city, hike and/or beach(es) (primarily the latter).  The final tally doesn’t really take day trips into account, only travel from one destination to another.

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  1. Chuck G

    SO glad you and DJ are safe—bad confluence of events. Anyway, can’t wait for more fabulous photos! Abrazos!

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