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Seven Month Roundup

Happy to be in Asia

Happy to be in Asia

I’m thrilled to be in Asia.  We absolutely loved South America, Turkey, Crete and London, but we missed Asian food.  Also, so far, Asia is cheap.  Before we left I created something of a budget.  It’s not absolute; rather, it serves as a guideline helping remind us where we need to be at the end of the trip.  To be extra obsessive (and extra annoying to Rachel), I broke the budget down into monthly targets.  In South America we hovered right around the budget (anomalies like the Galapagos aside).  Turkey, Crete and London proved to be budget busters (Turkey less so but still not cheap).  Malaysia on the other hand… well, we are so far under budget that we could continue living abroad for… quite a while.  I love it.  What makes it better is that we’re able to stay well under budget with with good lodging, amazing food and a few perks every now and then.  It’s marvelous.

Anyway, serious talk now: August 8th was our 7 month travel anniversary.  Here’s the summary:

  • Countries visited: 2
  • Beds slept in: 8
  • Long distance bus rides: 1
  • Long distance train rides: 1
  • Ferry rides: 3
  • Cars rented: 1 (continued from the previous month)
  • Scooters rented: 1 (with me driving and Rachel navigating we’re an unstoppable force… but not in Kuala Lumpur… we’re a little crazy but we’re not that crazy).
  • Flights: 5
  • Favorite splurge hotel: The Crib, Kuala Lumpur
  • Favorite regular hotel: Bushman, Juara Beach, Tioman Island
  • Miles traveled: 7,216 miles (the flight from Crete to Malaysia helped)


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