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Eight Month Roundup

Orangotangs in Borneo

Wild orangutans in Borneo

We marked eight months of travel while roadtripping around Bali with a scooter, a small bag, and no laptop (hence the lag in posts).  More to come soon, but, for now, the usual summary:

  • Countries visited: 2
  • Beds slept in: 12
  • Long distance bus rides: 0
  • Long distance train rides: 0
  • Ferry rides: 2
  • Cars rented: 0
  • Scooters rented: 3
  • Flights: 6
  • Favorite splurge hotel: Myne Resort, Malaysian Borneo
  • Favorite regular hotel: Aditya Homestay, Munduk, Bali, Indonesia
  • Honorable mention for super-cheap-yet-great-for-what-it-was hotel: Panorama Seulako, Pulau Weh, northwest Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Miles traveled: 4,718

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