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Where Are We Now?

We’re visiting family in Ahmedabad, India– our last stop!

3 thoughts on “Where Are We Now?

  1. Chuck G

    Brian n Rachel, I’ve just spent a few minutes catching up on your travels. wow! I’m impressed and jealous. you know that you’re drinking some of my favorite wines.
    We leave on 9th for our grand adventure, Spain. We’ll be there about 9 days.
    Be well, be safe, and have fun. Rachel, isn’t this how E Hemingway started out his career?
    Chuck G.

    1. Rachel Post author

      From the photos we saw on facebook, looks like you guys had a blast! We look forward to hearing about it. And if Hemingway (or anyone else) managed to make a career out of what we’ve been up to, I think I’ve found a new personal hero :-)

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